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  1. differencEngine
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I've written a custom 'Contact Us' PHP script which validates and emails to a specified address. It functions without error on my webserver however when integrated with WordPress through the creation of a new template it doesn't validate, send the email or forward to a specified thank you page.

    I know it's reading the includes / location of php code correctly as the Captcha works but am at a loss to understand further. When clicking the submit button the page is reloaded with a 404 File Not Found and this is regardless of whether the data entered is valid or not.

    I have trawled the forum and internet but cannot find a suitable explanation. I also know that it's easier to get a premade Contact us form but I'm planning to do a fair bit with PHP so would like to understand better.

    I hope this is clear and if anyone needs anything further (like the code) then just say and I'll post.

    Thanks in advance for any of your help.


  2. kevinhaig
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Post the code for the template in pastebin

    A site url link and theme will also help.

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