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    my site:

    If you go to the site on the right column you will see a “sort all by” section I need 3 functions.

    • newest – will generate page that lists that displays posts from new to old
    • random – will generate page like newest but in a random order.
    • featured – will do same as above but of a list picked by admin … i have a plugin that allows me to generate a list of links but thats about it. its called by using `
      <?php featuredpostsList(); ?> `

    so basically by default most wordpress themes does exactly what i need for the newest feature but I have switched index.php to do something else…but i still need that default function. So I assumed i could make a custom php file called SORT.php and paste the old default code that was in index.php which is…

    global $options;
    foreach ($options as $value) {
        if (get_option( $value['id'] ) === FALSE) { $$value['id'] = $value['std']; }
        else { $$value['id'] = get_option( $value['id'] ); }
    <?php get_header() ?>
    	<div id="container">
    		<div id="content">
    			<?php thematic_navigation_above();?>
    <?php get_sidebar('index-top') ?>
    <?php thematic_above_indexloop() ?>
    <?php thematic_indexloop() ?>
    <?php thematic_below_indexloop() ?>
    <?php get_sidebar('index-bottom') ?>
    			<?php thematic_navigation_below();?>
    		</div><!-- #content -->
    	</div><!-- #container -->

    however i cant link to this page or get it to work…. please help! thank you!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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