Custom PHP Call for WP_Links Table in WordPress Database Not Working (1 post)

  1. datasta
    Posted 8 years ago #

    As a quick introduction, I'm using WordPress 2.2.1 and I have a custom php call in my template to call upon my links table.

    Basically, the goal of the call is to search the wp_links table for "like" category name and return a list of links that are related to the category.

    As an example, I have a few links in wp-links that say

    Widget Blog: SEO
    Celebrity Blog: SEO
    Tech Blog: SEO
    Widgets: Widget
    Entertainment: Entertainment

    With this custom call that I had, on the SEO category page, it would return a list of links that have SEO in the name. So it would return the top 3 links.

    Anyway, this partcular call stopped working for a reason I'm unaware of. I added in more links via mysql and thought I may have errored, but i reverted to my back up, actually three different backups and still nothing.

    I was wondering how would I go about troubleshooting this issue if the backups that "did" work, aren't working.

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