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  1. remus
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    This is my first post here and I want to seize this opportunity to thank everyone of you involved in this great project!

    My question is very simple and a solution would be very, very much appreciated:

    I'm trying to develop a WP 2.0.2 plug-in, a customized photo gallery. I know there are plenty outhere already but I need to do my own. So, everything is working just fine, the display, dashboard management, etc ... but the pagination.. If I strip my code of all WP header, sidebar, footer and all, the pagination works OK, otherwise it doesn't. I assume it's about the WP functions blending with my own but can't tell for sure since I'm a newbie PHP-eer and this is of course my first plug-in.
    The code is here: http://www.eclipsedesign.net/samples/wp-plugin.txt

    Thanks a million for your patience. Any suggestion is welcomed and appreciated.


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