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  • Hi there,

    I trying to set custom permalinks to get such result:
    http://sitename/catalog/subcategory for product categories and
    http://sitename/catalog/subcategory/sub-subcategory/product-name for products. I set page “All products” with “http://sitename/catalog” url as Shop Base Page in woocommerce settings, then set custom permalinks:
    Product category base – “catalog”, Custom Base – /catalog/%product_cat%, but all of my items open as 404 error page. Product categories and sub-categories works correctly.
    When I tried to set Product category base with another word, for example “all”, then my products open correctly with correct urls (http://sitename/catalog/subcategory/sub-subcategory/product-name), but all categories and subcategories comes with “all” word in their url:
    http://sitename/all/subcategory, but if I type http://sitename/catalog/subcategory manually in browser, categories and sub-categories are avaliable too. Everything would be fine, I even added this urls to menu, but in urls of categories and subcategories still have “all” word in breadcrumbs and pagination doesn’t work when subcategory opened from menu with url like http://sitename/catalog/subcategory

    How can I fix my issue?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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