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  • Hello,

    I have a multiple-domain account with GoDaddy (on a windows server) where I have several WP installations, all running smooth and without a problem until now. I decided to convert my main domain (the one that holds all the rest) into a WP, and all went well apart from custom Permalinks. The moment I change the root WP Permalinks from default to custom the rest of installations stop working (giving 500 error). If I un-comment the rules on my web.config on the root the other sites work but the main stops working at level one of the navigation (I use a custom menu).

    It’s vital for me to be able to use custom Permalinks for SEO purposes (and to keep my job!!!)

    Please help!?!?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Hi

    I had the same problem, wordpress does some changes in the .htaccess file when you use different permalinks so, the new .htaccess file needs to load to make the permalink switching and that happens after you reset the server.
    Mine got fixed by just a simple apache2 restart command. I don’t know if your’s the same case or not coz you are using Godaddy and Windows server and you may have gotten public_html folder.

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