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    Few days ago I have noticed, all articles with all comments disappeared from my Blog/site.
    Today I have finally found out after few days “battles” with hosting (they haven’t found a problem) that permalinks in Pages do work properly but custom permalinks in Posts are the reason for not finding the article. You can check it here: (Nothing found). I have tried all regular stuff that can happen with upgrading WordPress or other changes. Not even deactivating Plugins have any effect. All the content is there in Administration, just this permalinks in post doesn’t work.

    Any idea? I am out of them.

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  • I see you have blog page and your articles are there but the links does not have blog did you make a change in structure anywhere to cause the problem.

    Did you try and switch to default and see you have the same problem.

    All link do have content, but it doesn’t show it cause of custom permalinks post problem. Blog page is specially programmed for being shown as a page and all post being listed in it. It was working ok for 6 months until recently after Web hosting where I am hosting page have changed something and updated database for security reasons. And they haven’t found the problem. And it doesn’t work even after updating WordPress to latest version. Structure is same all the time. I have tried with default permalinks and all post are shown. But can’t use them cause Google already remembers permalinks from Pages and it is positioned well. And also it doesn’t look good as Custom post name permalink. After a week Google also recognised posts are missing and they were out of it.

    If your links work fine on default and I see that all pages opening fine with page names and since there was update in database your post settings must have been disturbed some how in database.

    I have contacted my Webhosting to change database to previous state, but they haven’t done nothing yet. They have updated database few weeks ago and from there on problem has arise. Hope they will find the solution cause are the only one who know what was changed in database.

    As we ( are being named i fell obligatory to respond.

    1. We didn’t even touch the web site named
    2. We didn’t update any database
    3. We have restored the site from backup and the state is the same.
    4. There change on the system was a security update of PHP, but not mayor version upgrade and site mentioned is only one with this problem.
    5. We have spend about 10 hours trying to help the client and find the problem.
    6. We have added .htaccess file that was missing when we had our first report regarding this site. From now we advised the client to contact the developer as he is familiar with the code

    Please do not blame the hosting provider for everything and do not bend the story to your side.

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    3 months are around and Custom Permalinks still not working with WordPress version 3.3.2 and 3.4.1. – have tried with another site. Only working on 3.3.1 on this Hosting (same problem for like 10 months). Now using normal/default permalinks but its not the same in case of SEO.
    Looks like only 3.3.1. version is ok. Any other ideas how to solve the problem?

    Have solved the problem finally. I had to downgrade WordPress back to version 3.3.1 manually. And magically post custom permalink works again just fine. Looks like deleting old wp-admin and wp-includes also deleted wrong database settings from last hosting update. Afterwords also upgrading to 3.4.1. was successful. Also other site and its page custom permalinks world normally.

    Problem resolved.

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