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    Hey guys, hi Michael,

    absolutely GREAT plugin! Probably one of my most loved ever 😉

    I have a question/problem, related to the plugin’s functionality with e-commerce plugins (e.g. woocommerce or jigoshop):

    The plugin works great with changing the permalinks of actual product pages (so from to It does not however work with product categories. In the product category edit page I do see your plugin’s “add custom permalink” field, when I however add a custom permalink and save the change, no real change is made (when then editing the category again, the custom permalink field also is blank again…indicating that no change has been saved/made).

    Does anyone have an idea why this is the case or possibly know an easy fix for this? I assume the e-commerce plugin (in my case woocommerce) somehow interferes with Custom Permalinks’ setting and overwrites them.

    Thanks again for the support and your great work!


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  • Hi all

    i’m having this exact same problem, anyone know of a fix?

    any news on woocommerce remove product-category

    yes, a solotion to the problem will be great 🙂

    I’m wondering about this too, would be great if someone provided a solution!

    I found a solution and it is pretty simple – just install this plugin and you will be able to change manually all your URLs within Posts , Pages , Products etc.

    Hope this will help you guys.



    seeing as everyone is posting in the support forum under this plugin’s page, I’m guessing everyone here has discovered this plugin 😉

    The plugin you (and we) are talking about changes all urls within posts, pages etc, as you have mentioned, but does not work with “product categories” in Woocommerce, and this is essentially the problem we are having with it…

    would be great if there was in fact a solution…. :/

    What SEO Plugin do you use on your WordPress ecommerce shop ? Please first tell me and I will then try to help further , because as I said in my previous response – I don’t have that kind of problems which most of you are experiencing !

    I’m not using any SEO plugin at the moment…
    the custom permalink field is there under product category pages, but any input doesn’t save, no matter what you do 🙁
    Are you using woocommerce, doublekgk?

    Yes I am using Woocommerce – I made 3 screenshots to guide you guys how I get around this issue ! Please check the links below and excuse me for some non important Translations of some texts within my Admin Area !


    Hope this will help now !

    Thanks, doublekgk!

    I’m still having problems, however, and maybe it is a theme clash in my instance…
    What I’m trying to do is have one of my theme’s pages as my “product category page”, not a woocommerce page, so inputting a custom permalink where my “product category” page is, to direct to this page is proving difficult. Maybe this is why I the input field for custom permalinks isn’t working in my product categories.

    doublekgk, could you please tell me what setting you have put under the wordpress permalinks?

    thanks so much for your time in trying to help us all out! :))

    For COMMON SETTINGS I use Custom Structure – /%postname%/
    For PRODUCT PERMALINK BASE I use Custom Base – /shop

    Hope this helps – did you find what caused your issue ?


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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