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  • I just upgraded a new blog (4 posts) to 2.7 last night from 2.6 and have a problem with custom permalinks affecting some javascript that sets up a random image in my headers.

    When I tried to change from default permalinks to /%category%/%postname%/ all my images in my header disappeared except on the homepage of my blog. My posts also came up 404 under categories, though showed correctly when clicked from the homepage.

    I was able to get posts and header images to reappear when I reverted to default and did a quick edit on all posts.

    Any suggestions on what could have caused that and what I can do to have both header images and permalinks working? That’s so key to SEO, and I want to get it resolved before I have dozens or hundred of posts to manually reset.

    Liz M

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  • Due to their web hosting/server setup, pretty permalinks don’t work right away (or at all) for some people. See:

    Using “Pretty” permalinks

    Also, you need to use absolute (not relative) links or paths with WordPress. See:

    Absolute versus Relative Links

    Thanks Iridiax,
    I will double check my htaccess file, but this is not a question of permalinks not working.

    When I changed over to the custom permalink, the links did operate correctly but my images all disappeared. The links to the images used in that javascript are absolute, not relative, so they should have been untouched by the change.

    When I reverted to the default permalink structure, all my links went to 404 errors until I did a quick edit on each post and clicked the update button. I can’t imagine doing that if I had a normal blog instead of a brand new on with just four posts!

    Any other ideas of what I should look at?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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