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  • I’ve created a custom page which calls the header and footer files with custom html/php in the body. The file is called shows.php. I want to be able to link it from my navigation bar. How do I do this? Thanks in advanced.

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  • Actually you create a Page (ie Dashboard -> Write -> Write Page) with the Page template.

    You can read more about them here.

    Hope this helps,

    Perhaps define your custom page as a template and create a new page using your new template within the admin pages. WordPress would then recognise this as a page.

    Add the following to the top of shows.php to define it as a template:-

    Template Name: Custom Page

    Well if there is php in there a new WP page is not going to do it. Least not without the WP exec plugin. You might want to make a template

    Creating a page using the WP thing makes it look like a post. I don’t want that. I want to call the normal header and footer files and then put custom html in the body. I do have a template already.

    I’ve already created a legit php file that WP can read. I want to be able to link this custom file.

    You can have ten thousand Page templates…
    How they look like? – it depends on how did you design them. Again, the question isnt about how to create the templates. I want to know how I can link my custom PAGES.

    Mosha, I want to link my custom page like you have your hosting page.

    Well the question isnt how to link a page at all. Its how to call a template.

    Okay, So how do I call the page?

    1. I create a template (if needed).
    2. I create new Page using that template – or the default (page.php), depending on my nneds.
    3. I link to those Pages either by
    a) using WP’s template tag – wp_list_pages*
    b) or adding manually links to Pages: using their ID# or the page-slug


    I mention this for the sake of clarity for other readers. In WP – as in everything else in life – words have very specific meanings. WP has pages. It also has templates. It also has something else – page views I guess you could call them. Folk will get better answers and be able to follow the replies better if they do their best to stick with the terminology. We are all guily of using the generic word *pages* but here it is something very limited and very specific.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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