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    I’m trying to create a custom page template for Accesspress Parallax. I have a child theme & have adjusted the main content width to 100% with custom css.

    Now I want a page template without the header and footer. I’ve created a custom page template in my child theme folder by copying the default page.php, changing the name and adding a template name at the top of the file, them removing the call to get_header, get_footer and get_sidebar. When I remove the get_header, nothing shows up on the page anymore.

    It’s almost as if the header actually contains info to display the main content also.

    I’ve used this method with another theme and it works great. What’s the deal? Is the header of this theme set up incorrectly and actually calling main content components? What can I do to accomplish a custom page template that does not include the header & footer?


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    Resolved this on my own, finally! I’m posting the solution in case anyone else is searching for an answer like I was.

    This article was helpful. I simplified it a bit though.

    I copied page.php, header.php & footer.php into my child theme. Then renamed to page-blank.php, header-blank.php & footer-blank.php.

    In page-blank.php, I changed get_header() to get_header(blank) and get_footer() to get_footer(blank). I deleted the line for get_sidebar() because I’m not using one.

    In footer-blank.php & header-blank.php, I carefully deleted code that displayed info I did not need. I used Cntrl-X to delete each piece so I could re-paste if it messed up the page & checked my published page after each change. Usually Cntrl-Z would reverse what I took out if there was an issue. It seems to work great now.



    Just found your post and wanted to say thanks! It worked perfectly for me!

    Ditto that.
    Thank you for this response to your own question. It has helped me after searching for over a month on and off.
    thank you. thank you!!!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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