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Custom page template help

  • moneynstuff


    Hi, this is my problem. I’ve got this site and I want my pages to display posts from specific categories, so when my users post to any category this post will come up to that page that has that certain category assigned. I kinda got that working already, what i couldn’t get to work is this page called “articulos” to display the post’s content and one of my two sidebars aligned, my right sidebar is obstructing one of my posts or if the post is to wide my sidebar gets to the bottom. how could I set all of this aligned. Thanks

    this is my custom template code :

    Template Name: pageofposts

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <div class=”art-contentLayout”>
    <div class=”art-content”>

    <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    <div class=”art-Post”>
    <div class=”art-Post-body”>
    <div class=”art-Post-inner art-article”>

    <div class=”art-PostContent”>

    <div class=”cleared”>

    <?php $icons = array(); ?>
    <?php if (!is_page()): ?><?php ob_start(); ?><img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?>/images/PostCategoryIcon.png” width=”18″ height=”18″ alt=”” />
    <?php printf(__(‘Posted in %s’, ‘kubrick’), get_the_category_list(‘, ‘)); ?>
    <?php $icons[] = ob_get_clean(); ?><?php endif; ?><?php if (!is_page() && get_the_tags()): ?><?php ob_start(); ?><img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?>/images/PostTagIcon.png” width=”18″ height=”18″ alt=”” />
    <?php the_tags(__(‘Tags:’, ‘kubrick’) . ‘ ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘ ‘); ?>
    <?php $icons[] = ob_get_clean(); ?><?php endif; ?><?php if (!is_page() && !is_single()): ?><?php ob_start(); ?><img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?>/images/PostCommentsIcon.png” width=”18″ height=”18″ alt=”” />
    <?php comments_popup_link(__(‘No Comments »’, ‘kubrick’), __(‘1 Comment »’, ‘kubrick’), __(‘% Comments »’, ‘kubrick’), ”, __(‘Comments Closed’, ‘kubrick’) ); ?>
    <?php $icons[] = ob_get_clean(); ?><?php endif; ?><?php if (0 != count($icons)): ?>
    <div class=”art-PostFooterIcons art-metadata-icons”>
    <?php echo implode(‘ | ‘, $icons); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>


    <?php $my_query = new WP_Query(‘cat=1,5&showposts=5’); ?>
    <?php while ($my_query->have_posts()) : $my_query->the_post(); ?>
    <div class=”post”><h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2></div>
    <div class=”entry”>
    <?php the_content(); ?>
    <p class=”postmetadata”>
    <?php _e(‘Filed under:’); ?> <?php the_category(‘, ‘) ?> <?php _e(‘by’); ?> <?php the_author(); ?>
    <?php comments_popup_link(‘No Comments »’, ‘1 Comment »’, ‘% Comments »’); ?> <?php edit_post_link(‘Edit’, ‘ | ‘, ”); ?>
    <?php endwhile; ?>
    <?php endwhile; endif; ?>

    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/sidebar2.php’); ?>
    <div class=”cleared”></div>

    <?php get_footer(); ?>

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