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  1. greypilgrim
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I need some advice about how to proceed. I want to use the "Pages" feature of WordPress to create a series of web pages. I'm publishing a lengthy piece of fiction, actually, and I was thinking each chapter would be a page.

    My issue is that I want these pages, and only these pages, to have their own theme, header graphic, sidebar, and footer. Other pages and post would have the standard theme I use at my blog. How should I proceed?

    Do I create a page template that contains all the code for the page layout? Or do I create each file seperately (header.php, index.php, etc.) just as if I were designing my own theme?

    I've modified other people's themes for my own use, so I'm not a complete novice (no formal training in PHP, however). And I've read the pages at the WordPress Codex on template files and page templates, but they don't seem relevant to what I want to do.

    Of course I could always skip the PHP and just use Dreamweaver and create a seperate site. Does anyone recommend that?

  2. moshu
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Whichever works better for you.
    And yes, if you want a Page template with a completely different look (header/graphic, colours etc.) then I am afraid you'll have to create it almost as a separate theme.

  3. greypilgrim
    Posted 10 years ago #

    That's pretty tough for me, not having created a theme before. Are there any online guides to theme development? I already have a homemade header graphic I want to use, and a general outline for what it would look like. It will be simpler than a true theme. I don't need much of a sidebar, basically just a search box and a list of the "pages" (chapters) for the work. Still, this may be beyond my skills.

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