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    I installed wordpress 2.7 and the about page right now is /blog/?page_id=3 how do I change it so I can make it /blog/about

    I found a plug-in that did it but doesn’t support 2.7

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  • You need to go to Settings -> Permalinks, and set up your rewrite rules.

    When you create a page, after you publish it for the first time, you can return and edit the permalink. By default it will be[parent-page]/page-name/. There will be a little box under the page title input to change it.

    [At least, this is the best way I’ve figured out so far. Someone may know something far more efficient.]

    No, that’s about right 🙂 The parent-page won’t show up for … well, parent pages. So if About is a top-level page, it’ll just be /about 🙂

    before 2.7 there was an option that allowed you too change the permalink after publish but now there isn’t or is it somewhere else?

    It’s still there. You see it right away in Quick Edit, or if you edit the whole post, you can click on the permalink (below the title) and change it.

    I can’t seem to find it like I could on the old version is it not there?
    Here are some screen shots of what I am seeing


    Quick Edit

    In Quick-Edit, it’s called the slug (lower case ‘about’) 🙂 It doesn’t show up for pages on the edit view, for some reason. Huh. Never noticed that!

    ETA: I was looking at a draft page. Heh!

    You have to be using pretty permalinks for the edit page slug option.

    Hmmm, so by the looks of it I can’t have custom page names and automatic names for posts seeing that you can edit the permalink for posts I guess I could do it manually.

    P.S Ipstenu I just went too your website and you have custom about permalink and generated post links, are you running 2.7?

    Edit: I have decided that I will just do the name’s manually, looks like the best way and I have more control over everything so yeah.

    Thanks for helpful and quick reply’s 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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