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  • Hello everyone

    My name is Ramit. I am using wordpress from last 3 months. I want to create custom php page not template page in theme folder as

    and i want to access it as

    Can anyone tell me how can i do it?
    I am very thankful to you.


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  • For more clear

    I want to add an additional php file, for example test.php in my wordpress theme, and access it with url like

    When I place this test.php file in the theme directory, I can’t access it. So I how can I do that? It allows to access only if i place the test.php in the wordpress root, but i want to add the file in the theme directory instead of the root directory, which is at



    Thanks for Reply

    I know about custom post template but want to use custom stand alone page only not template. If we use custom template page we have to create at least one page page in admin to show in custom template page.

    I don’t want to create any page in admin and want stand alone page only and access stand alone page.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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