• I am using Sequential Order Number for Woocommerce, which adds a custom order number for accounting purposes. This sequential order number is sent to our accounting software and in the mail to the customer. We now need to pass this same number to Paystack.
    The developer of the sequential order number plugin says we need to change the $order->get_id() function to $order->get_order_number().
    Are we able to get a snippet to achieve this?

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  • Plugin Author Tunbosun Ayinla


    Hello @toluoye70 just to confirm this is the plugin you are referring to https://wordpress.org/plugins/wt-woocommerce-sequential-order-numbers/

    Also why do you want to pass the custom order number to Paystack?

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    Hello Tunbosun,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, that is the plugin in question.

    My issue is that the woocommerce mails sent to the customer has the customized order now (from the sequential order number plugin), while the receipt sent to the customer has the original woocommerce order number (which is the setting I selected from the paystack payment gateway).

    The ideal thing is for the two communications to reference the same order number. Hence my request.

    Should be grateful for any assistance.


    Tolu Oyebade

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    Just reflecting on the question “Why I want to pass the custom order number to paystack”

    The woocommerce orders are custom post types. The order numbers are not sequential, whenever there is another wordpress post in between orders.

    I would like the order numbers to be sequential (without gaps), for accounting and audit purposes.

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