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  • Hi,

    I’m selling software and I have few products which I grant access instantly(that works no problems), however i have a few which require manual imput, such as add license or attaching additional files/text.

    1) What would you recommend in the case where when the order is placed for the product which has to be manually processed? My question is how do I notify the client that it will take us 24 hours to process the order? Can i trigger notification by email when someone buys product ABC?

    2) Some of my products require licenses and once they purchase the product I would like to manually add the license to the order. I found a way doing that by “Add Note to the customer”, that works, but is there more elegant way of doing that?

    3) All of my products have User Guides/FAQs, some of them are PDFs, which is good then I can attach them to the product once they purchase it – no problem with that, however some of the user guides are on the web, so I somehow need to display that on the order(links to user guides), what would be the best way of doing that? Note, i would only like them to see FAQs when they purchase the product.

    Any input is appreciated!


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  • I figured it out, the Purchase note works fine, you can add rich text there, include hyperlinks, etc.. and all of the information they need to know!

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