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  • Hi!

    I’m redesigning my site using the theme Yoko by Elmastudio but have run into problems making a custom menu. I have a ‘member only’ student area in which I want to display a custom navigation menu in place of the Yoko sub menu, but with the same styling.

    I’m using a a child theme so I duplicated the Yoko theme header.php into the child to make my own header-student.php file and called this from my own page template based on Yoko’s full-width-page.php

    I have registered a new menu for ‘theme locations’ in the child functions.php and added a new menu called ‘student menu’ in appearance.

    I then included the following code in place of the code for Yoko’s sub menu within my header-student.php file

    <nav id="studentnav">
    			if (is_nav_menu( 'Student Menu' ) ) {
    			wp_nav_menu( array('menu' => 'Student Menu' ));} ?>
    		</nav><!-- end studentnav -->

    My menu displays fine with correct styling in the correct place but the problem is that it does not restyle itself as the window is re-sized. Instead it squishes together overlapping?

    I’m not an expert and generally research what I need as problems arise but this has me stumped and the responsive nature of the theme is the reason I’m redesigning as I have increasing numbers of mobile/tablet users. Can anyone help? Am I going about this the right way?

    Note: At present this site is running locally so I can’t post a link right now but will sort that/post requested code as need be!


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