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    I don’t know if it is already possible and I am just overlooking it, but can you add a custom title for the meta box that appears for a CPT-onomy?

    I have two CPT-onomies that I want to relate to each other ‘People’ and ‘Group’. People can belong to many Groups, but a Group has one “Leader” (person) and I was hoping to change the dropdown meta box to have the title “Leader” in place of “People” which is the default. If there already is a way or a work around please let me know!


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  • Plugin Author Rachel Cherry


    A workaround doesn’t currently exist but is easy to implement. I’ve added it for the next update so, in the meantime, open your admin.php file, find the add_cpt_onomy_meta_boxes() function in the CPT_ONOMIES_ADMIN class and replace the add_meta_box() call with the following code:

    add_meta_box( CPT_ONOMIES_DASH.'-'.$taxonomy, apply_filters( 'custom_post_type_onomies_meta_box_title', __( $tax->label, CPT_ONOMIES_TEXTDOMAIN ), $taxonomy, $post_type ), array( &$this, 'print_cpt_onomy_meta_box' ), $post_type, 'side', 'core', array( 'taxonomy' => $taxonomy ) );

    Then use the ‘custom_post_type_onomies_meta_box_title’ filter to change the title to whatever you like.

    I’m also adding a “Meta Box Title” property to the settings page so you’ll be able to take advantage of that when I update and get rid of your filter if you like.

    Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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