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[Resolved] Custom Menus on Archive Page Missing

  • Hi Brad,

    First off. Great looking theme. I am new to WordPress and spent a while searching for a theme that worked for our needs and thankfully I found yours.

    This issue I’m having could EASILY be just me being an idiot or missing something, but I thought I would ask.

    In our menu, we added a “Workshops & Events” selection which pulls the posts marked with category “Workshops & Events”. I’ve figured out how to remove the “Category Archive:” from the page header in the archive template – hopefully that didn’t cause my problem.

    What I’m finding is the Custom Menus I’m using for the Primary Menu and Footer Menu disappear. If I remove the custom menus from the pull down, the ‘default’ menu is displayed. I checked your demo page for the theme and the menu appears on the “archive” pages.

    If it helps to look at the website page, it is http://wordpress.centralstreetyoga.com/wp/category/events/

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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  • I’ve been experimenting as a last resort to try to find the problem and the problem came from a plugin (“ReOrder Post Within Catagories”) I use using to reorder the posts on the page. When I stopped the plugin from doing it’s thing, the menu reappeared.

    Anyone have a guess as to how to set the order of the posts on a page rather than let the order by dictated by creation date? The particular posts I’m concerned with listing on this page are for events which I would rather have in event order rather than creation order.

    Thanks all. And thanks again for the great “Leaf” theme.

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