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  1. paleihe
    Posted 2 years ago #

    So I have custom menu items on my site. I can go in, edit the 'Navigation Label' and remove items from the menu bar, that works just fine.

    But, when I add a new menu item, it doesn't show up on my menu bar. Once I click save, the admin side shows that I've added the menu item, it's there, but it doesn't display on the site. I've made sure I'm using the correct custom menu (since I have two, one header and one footer), and I can't figure this out.

    Has this happened to anyone?

  2. Mark Senff
    Posted 2 years ago #

    It can happen sometimes (though it shouldn't).

    Try logging out and logging back in, and add something to the menu again. If it still doesn't show, maybe some CSS is keeping it from being displayed, but that's hard to say without seeing a link to your site.

  3. Also remember to flush any caches you're running. Varnish and Memcached can be sticky.

  4. paleihe
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks for replying.

    Here's the link to the site:

    Here's an image showing that I've added the new items, "Our Programs" (which doesn't display the Membership Sign Up submenu) and "Our Partners" (which doesn't display at all) to the admin.

    Ipstenu: I just started working with WordPress this month. How do I flush the cache?


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