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    I’m having problems saving new custom menus.

    Site URL is

    I’ve spent the last three days looking through various forums etc and the three main suggestions are these:-

    Disable all plugins
    Try a different browser &
    Try a different theme

    1) All plugins disabled – no difference
    2) Tried different versions of IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on different OS’s – no difference
    3) Tried swapping from Suffusion (the theme I want to use) to Twenty-11 and Twenty-12 – no difference.

    Does anyone have any further suggestions? This is driving me crazy!


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  • I’ll try and be a bit more informative on this problem.

    I’m trying to add a new menu item (in this case, Dyson Spares). I can create the menu item, but when I drop a category into the menu and save it, it says it’s saved but the category disappears leaving the menu blank.

    I’ve also noticed that if I make any changes to existing menus, not only do they not save, they disappear.

    E.g. The menu “Vacuum cleaners” used to have 3 drop downs. If I move these around, they then disappear when I hit save.

    Many people seem to have come across the same issue, but all of the suggest fixes (listed in post one) have not worked.



    If your WP install can only save X number of menu items, you need to get your host to increase suhosin limit on your server. I’ve had it happen numerous times and it always fixes it.

    Thanks Phil, I was unaware that there would be a limit. Appreciate the advice, I’ll email them and see what happens.


    OK, the mystery deepens. ISP says Suhosin limits were set at 5000 already, they have also confirmed that no memory, or any other server side issues exist. Final word or advice was to consult WordPress support……

    Has / is anyone else experiencing this situation? This is my first WordPress site, I didn’t for one minute think I’d be able to break it so easily!

    Not memory either, using 55Meg of an allowed 128Meg

    There is other ways of adding items to the menu if your interface is broken for some reason. It seems like your theme or a plugin (though you said you tried without plugins) is causing something to break.

    What version of WP are you on ?

    Hi PTJ,

    I’m on 3.5.1

    Hi altnet… I have the EXACT same problem you’re having, but I have one Mod telling me that no one else is having the issue, and regardless he says it is a server issue and not a WP issue. Via a quick forum search, I found 2 other individuals having this same exact problem even though I’m being told no one else has that issue. My link on the issue is here

    Are you getting an of the error or warning messages like I am? Even *if* my error message is server related, it’s pretty clear that others are having my issue and that maybe the Error messages are not related to the Custom Menu issue we are both having.

    Just like you, when I click “save” to custom menu, it completely deletes my custom menu and inserts a bunch of bullet points down the right hand side of my screen, and then I have to restore to a backup.

    If you find any solutions to this, will you please PM me or post on my thread? Many thanks!

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer


    Creating “me too” comments doesn’t contribute towards the original poster.
    Continue on your own thread for support.

    OK, problem solved. After much head scratching I asked someone else to have a look at the problem. Set him up with a new profile with admin access and he could not make it go wrong.

    Created myself a new profile with same access as admin and hey presto, all sorted. Can only conclude that my original profile had become corrupt in some way.

    Haven’t got the time (or the incentive) at the moment to figure out what happened to the old profile, but if you’re experiencing similar issues to those above, try a new profile.

    Thanks to those that helped along the way.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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