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  • Goodday,
    Maybe somebody can help me with the following issue i have with custom menus.

    within a page i use a shortcode for a given plugin. This plugin connects to its own application some where on the net. So when i see the page in the WP theme, i actually see some data from an application somewhere else.
    No problem here.
    When i add some “GET” requests to this page, it even gets some more specific data within the WP page.

    Now when i turn ON the custom menus, this breaks and only the main page of this app is shown. It seems the “GET” requests are not passed on anymore.

    without the custom menus it does work again.

    Any clue in where i might find this issue?


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  • Does your “given plugin” use jquery, or some sort of Javascript library?

    If your menu uses a library as well, then it may be loading the same library twice and conflicting?

    Hi Tristarweb,
    thanks for you quick reply!

    i did some checking, and indeed this plugin is using JS and AJAX.

    I also see that the theme (ElegentEstate by elegant themes) is using JS, but i can not see the relation between these two by turning on the custom-menu on or off.

    By turning on the custom menu is something new WP specific added during page-load? or would this all be theme related?

    did a quick test with the default WP theme (twenty-something), and same problem. When the custom menu is turned on, the GET results are not returned.

    weird problem….

    The theme may be using the jQuery library, and then the plugin may load it in again incorrectly.

    Check your source code to see if it has been loaded in twice, if so – this may cause errors

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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