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  • Resolved duncmorley


    I have always preferred using <li></li> to wrap my breadcrumb elements. I have just updated to 4.3.0 and none of the fields are saving my custom mark up anymore.

    I have gone back to using 4.2.0 where it works as expected.

    Edit: I’ve also just noticed there is a function to output as a list anyway so will use that. Nice feature! How long has that been there?

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  • Plugin Author John Havlik


    Yeah, don’t use settings for wrapping your breadcrumbs with the li element, the bcn_display_list function does that for you. It’s been there for quite a long time now (I haven’t looked back at when I added it, but I think Breadcrumb NavXT has always had it, or at least since the 2.x days it has been there). The reason you can’t save li elements in 4.3.0 is they are not in the “approved” list of HTML elements and attributes that I feed into wp_kses, which all settings that accept HTML are now passed through (security measure).

    And how do I get a Β«liΒ» element wrapping my elemnts?

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    Call bcn_display_list() instead of bcn_display, it will wrap the breadcrumbs with li elements.

    Hello there Mtekk… great plugin but now that I cannot put li elements into the settings how can I use structured microdata markup on my li elements. I am setting my breadcrumbs up as per this post.

    I have figured out a work around…. by setting $return to true and using a string replace to get the microdata mark up into the breadcrumbs.

    It would be a nice new feature if you integrated this sort of functionality for rich snippets in google πŸ™‚

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    I will not be supporting rich snippets for breadcrumbs as they were deprecated in favor of the breadcrumbs (see the notice on the page you linked to). See for how to setup Breadcrumb NavXT to follow’s breadcrumbs format.

    Same problem as @duncmorley after updating to 4.3.0.

    I’ve just changed to bcn_display_list() and everything works fine, but I really don’t like it πŸ™

    With the previous version everything was much easier, mainly because of the ability to display each element as desired, for example, printing some class for particular cases, using different estructures (like a <dl> instead of <li>… PS: I really don’t do that, but it was useful to have the control) all that without needing to touch the theme files.

    I love this plugin, so if this is the new way, I can’t do nothing but adapt myself to it, but if I can make a suggestion: I like better the older way.

    Greetings! …and thanks for your wonderful plugin, it’s really the best πŸ˜€

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    bcn_display_list isn’t really the new way, it’s been around much longer than any other way of doing it (predates breadcrumb templates). That said, after working on an example usage, I’m seeing some deficiencies in the bcn_display_list method that are not easy to overcome.

    If there are any tags you want to use within the breadcrumb templates, please reply to this thread: The feedback I receive in that thread will make it into the next release.

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