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    Hi, I have this text as a widget on my website, it’s meant to set up a MailChimp form (the actual Mailchimp plugin doesn’t look at nice). The problem is, this code somehow kills other buttons on the website. The facebook and twitter icons at the top should pop up when hovered over, the comments section should have reply/quote buttons and the button at the bottom to go back to the top should work too – but they don’t. The website is . Here is the code:

    [Huge block of code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

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  • As you say, the embed code you are using is not this plugin. Any modifications you want to make to it are your responsibility. If you find someone proficient in js/css/html, they should be able to help you through it.

    that’s what I’m here for lol O_o

    Was the mailchimp plugin intended for a page or your aside bar?

    You’re having a problem because every plugin is including it’s own jQuery script. As a result, the browser can’t differentiate between each plugin’s js call. Some of them are using the exact same function name to submit, so nothing gets submitted because there are 5 different versions of the same script telling the browser that submit does something else.

    The plugin works fine on either a page or a sidebar, though you may need to install it slightly differently and possibly use different styling depending on where you place it.

    Hi guys, thanks a bunch for the help.

    Just a huge disclaimer, I’m a pretty big newbie but I’m also eager to learn. So sorry if I make any mistakes.

    The thing is I’m actually not using the official mailchimp plugin. When I got put on duty for this webpage, I just stumbled upon this big chunk of code (linked below on pastebin =D) that ended up showing a much prettier version of the form than the actual official plugin. My boss told me he didn’t like how the official plugin looked, so I’m stuck with this one and I have to figure out how to make it not glitch everything else.

    What I’m getting so far is the easy solution is to rename the function? Can anyone save me some trial-and-error time by showing me how?

    Thanks again guys!

    The code, by the way, was just inserted into a simple text widget on the sidebar.

    I tried messing with the real mailchimp plugin but I ended up causing a fatal error – it probably seems easier just to fix this text widget, anyone have any clues/intuition?

    What you posted is the “embed code form” we offer in the app. That is not supported here.

    Regardless, if someone is being picky about the design, with either of them you’ll need to turn off/strip the styles and the write your own CSS to style it correctly.

    If you are going to use the plugin, do not modify any of the files we distribute – if you have, just download a fresh copy. Turn off the “custom styling” option and then put your CSS somewhere in your theme.

    Turns out I just had to turn off javascript for the embedded one, thanks!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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