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  1. jadenemayla
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I get it that WordPress is a bit on the tech side, but I have been unable to locate thorough instructions on all facets of use. For instance, I have been going in circles and reading web articles, help forum topics, etc. for about six hours straight without finding real help. I'm not stupid, just not uber-savvy with this kind of thing.
    I've figured out much by reading.
    But my logo disappeared (I designed it myself and my web designer installed it) a few hours after I upgraded to the latest version of Atahalpa or whatever it's called. I touched nothing, so I assume it's related to the upgrade.
    Users experiencing problems with upgrades each seem to have unique problems, and tech-savvy posters write answers that leave out essential instructions, making forums more tedius than effective.
    I need to know how to get my custom logo back up in the spot just to the left of the site title.
    Isn't there a simple process for switching out that image? Why are there no instructions available for reinstating the custom logo or explanation for its disappearance? Can WP please simply write and post lay-person instructions for things like this and/or forum topics that are not clearly answered? In the meantime, please help me. I really appreciate your attention and time! :)

  2. Boyevul
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Upgrades overwrite things. Plain and simple. Unless it's info stored in a database, it will be overwritten. As this is a question about a specific theme and not WordPress itself, you would probably have better luck at the forums for the theme in question. (Located here).

    Since you are also talking about modifications that we don't have access to (since your upgrade wiped them out) your best bet is to just have your web designer reinstate the graphic and, via email, tell you how to do it yourself should any future upgrades wipe it back out.

  3. jadenemayla
    Posted 4 years ago #

    thank you. i have my logo file on my computer, is that what you mean by "it's info stored in a database"? am i also understanding you correctly to be saying you do not know how to reinstate the graphic? if so i will ask the themes forum that portion of my question.

  4. Boyevul
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Database info is stored in sql (you upgrade WordPress but you don't lose your data because it's stored in a database whereas if you change the login logo for WordPress but don't have it's value stored in sql then the graphic gets overwritten in the upgrade).

    As far as re-installing the graphic, you didn't really give much info as to what you really wanted, other than to have your graphic put back in. Ok, great. Where? Are you talking about replacing: http://ecologiclandscape.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/logo.png?

    Then upload your .png to /wp-content/themes/atahulapa/images/.

    Is it not a .png? Open style and search for "logo.png" and then replace that image url with the url to your new graphic. Is that not in style.css? Then the image path is probably coded into... (guessing) header.php. Find it there, replace.

    None of the above? Does your theme have an options page? On that options page does it allow you to upload a new logo? Then do that.

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