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  • I’m planning on utilizing the wordpress login system for a password protected page, but I don’t want users to be redirected to the stock WordPress login page. Is there any way for me to change out the logo so that it will be unique to my site?

    Secondly, does wordpress offer the ability to password protect a page with a specific username and password so that the content is only accessible to that information? (e.g. unless you have that information, even if you’re registered to comment, you won’t be able to see it)

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  • First of all the login page. This is styled by the wp-admin.css stylesheet (like all the admin section) so you can change things in there. The WordPress logo on the login page is an image located here:

    So if you replace that image with one of your own the same size than that will show instead.

    Regarding password protecting pages, this can be done in the Write > Page section of the dashboard.

    Lower down the page there is a section that says “Password Protect This Page”. Entering a password in there will require any visitor to enter that password before they can view the page or post.

    Hope this helps.

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