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    Are you telling people to EDIT wp-login.php? or make a new page?

    Don’t edit wp-login.php – it’ll be overridden when you update.

    i am telling people to EDIT wp-login.php…
    it’s not overridden when you update…

    its a simple logic…
    wp-login has no header and footer…
    the base is of header and footer is style.css

    so try it… and make few changes in css code…
    its worked, try this.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    i am telling people to EDIT wp-login.php…
    it’s not overridden when you update…

    *sigh* Yes it is. In fact, if you’re ever hacked, it’s one of the files we tell you to remove and replace with a fresh copy.

    You can style your login differently, but editing the core files is never the way to go about it. Please only edit files in your theme folder (and even then, use a child theme).

    For the record, here are the files that are NOT overwritten when you upgrade WP:

    Why did I * mark themes and plugins? Becuse the theme twentyten and twentyeleven, and the plugins Hello Dolly and Akismet WILL be overwritten.

    Today WP only updates changed files. If any files outside the ones I mentioned are edited (like wp-login.php) then you will lose your changes. Please don’t do that.

    There is 3 basic concept….

    1. wp-login has no title header, menu bar and footer.

    2. theme has title header, menu bar, footer and own style.css.

    3. and third is our brain.


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    And four is a complaint “Why did the upgrade overwrite my changes!?”

    Use a plugin, please. There’s a very good reason we tell you not to edit core 🙂 If you don’t believe me, just wait.

    It’s very easy to make a login screen as part of your theme
    (THat would match your theme, use the header, footer, nav, etc)

    Or to block the default stylesheet from loading, and loading a custom one instead

    Both of these options are plugin free, and involve only your theme. Why not keep it safe eh?

    Here is a good tutorial on how to Build a Custom WordPress Login Screen without modifying your core files:

    and also some inspiration:


    -lil josh

    Well sorry for my above experiment, but it works that time luckily.

    then i found some little changes…

    Custom Login Screen Basic Needs
    Themes Header, Footer, & style.css

    1. Open wp-login.php

    2. Copy this code <?php get_header(); ?>
    and paste before this line ” <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”> “

    3. Copy this code <?php get_footer(); ?>
    and paste at the end.

    4. Final change at line number 68 and 69
    wp_admin_css( ‘style’, true );
    wp_admin_css( ‘style’, true );

    Thats it, and it works.

    @ Ipstenu, please try this, it works really.



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    Never, ever, edit core files!

    but it really works, just try this…
    you have to spend only 5 minutes for that…

    Tears, what happens when you update WordPress? Won’t that file get overwritten?

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    And you can bring your entire site down in the same 5 minutes by editing core scripts.

    @ esmi : i knw its all core scripts…

    but you have to try it…

    after updating wordpress, you have to spend only 20 seconds to change this code… because it works…

    Tears, that may work from the perspective of a developer… but a lot of WordPress sites are handed off to clients who do not want (nor know how) to touch core files.

    Or, you do it the right way, in your theme.

    Then, whenever wordpress gets updated, you don’t have to edit anything.

    It’s so easy to make a login page in your theme… why would you hack at core?

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