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  1. germinus
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    Hi all,

    I hope that someone can help me, I have a joomla site ( I know I shouldnt use the J word! ) I have a couple of WP sites aswell so I sort of know what I am doing. However I just cant get me head round this permalinks system, for something so simple its very complicated! My main business website is joomla and I am getting really hacked off with the duplicate url's and phantom url's that just seem to appear from nowhere! So I figured I would look at moving it over to WP, but I have a problem because I want to keep the url's the same as it would be on the joomla site. If you know joomla you will know that it add's the category name to the url so for example...


    So if I was to move the content over to WP I would want that url to be the same on the WP site as it is on Joomla, and this is where the problems start as it would seem it can't be done! I have added plugins that allow you to make categories for pages but I cant get them to show in the url, I have read all about permalinks but it is about as clear as mud!
    I have it set to custom structure /%category%/%postname%/

    but still it refuses to add category to the url, amd I trying to do something that just cant be done with WordPress?

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