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  • I love the feature of the Custom Keywords/Targets Links.
    However. It looks like the Plugin is not creating “real” links inside the posts or pages text content.

    Right? It does it somehow on top of it.
    I guess it would be best if the plugin would actually use the mySQL Database directly.

    Is it? Or is it not?

    Best would be, you run a plugin with that feature. And it would overwrite the DB.
    After that, you don’t need have the plugin active anymore.

    And you don’t rely on updates, or what ever.

    Is this plugin using the mySQL Database?
    Or is it just doing something on top of it?

    Keep in mind. If you create a huge list of custom keywords and their target links. And let’s say you can’t use this plugin in future anymore, because of development stops.

    You will run into a lot of problems. Imagine you built a page with 200+ Blog Posts. And everything was done with that plugin, without actually setting the real links within the Database… wow.. you would need to re-do the whole internal link building.

    That would be no fun at all!

    What does everyone think about it?

    More than happy to read your opinion on that.

    And if you do know any other plugin, that has the exact same feature, which is called Custom Keywords + Target Links. OMG. Please let me know. I am searching for such a plugin … I need it! Super important!

    Thank you so much for all your help and thoughts!
    Appreciate it!

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