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  • Hello,

    I am totally new to wordpress/CMS theming but I’ve made my best so far to read through the docs. Now I guess I am have a problem with a simple thing.

    I have a JavaScript snippet like this:
    $(“#tweet h1”).tweet({
    username: “myname”,
    join_text: “auto”,
    count: 1,
    auto_join_text_default: “”,
    auto_join_text_ed: “”,
    auto_join_text_ing: “”,
    auto_join_text_reply: “”,
    auto_join_text_url: “”,
    loading_text: “Tweets are loading …”

    and that’s the HTML:

    <div id=”tweet”><img src=”images/icons/twitter_bird.png” width=”76″ height=”52″ /><h1></h1></div>

    It works well on a static site.

    Now I want to include this function for displaying one single tweet on my homepage.

    Here’s what I did:

    – Pasting the JavaScript as it is in twitter.js which is already used by the theme
    – Pasting the HTML as it is in homepage-template.php (child theme).

    I don’t know any PHP – do I have to use special tags? E.g. do I have to put the HTML in <php> tags?

    I am sorry for asking such questions but I hope this will help me understanding the system.

    Furthermore when I am chosing another theme the page content looks like this:


    [featurebox title=”Unique Grunge Design” href=”#”]
    A truly grunge design which will put you in favor to all your competitors. Easy to setup and implement.
    [featurebox title=”Layered PSD files” href=”#”]
    The theme comes packed with fully layered and groupped PSD files, so you can make any changes to the design easily.
    [featurebox title=”Extensive documentation” href=”#” last=”1″]
    Every aspect of the theme’s functionality is covered in user-friendly documentation which is being updated constantly.
    [quote type=”3″ width=”900″]
    Grungexperience is a truly unique theme providing variety of customization options and extensive frontend functionality. Give it a try today!
    [service_block icon=”” title=”Web Development”]
    The site itself can be divided into it’s main page, also known as the home page, which cites the main objective.

    What kind of code is this and where do I find a documentation?


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