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    Im using the free version of the plugin, WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels . I have an issue which is seems i cant resolve, my invoice number sequence is messed because by i have created a test invoice to test something and then i have deleted it . After that my invoice number sequense for example 1, 2, 3, 4 its messed up and every order now its + 1 .

    For example my next order invoice should be 5 instead of 5 its 6 . I tried to go into the customize invoice settings and manyally set the number to 5 but it wont let me . Its only let me to edit the invoice number through the Woocommerce order details .
    Its frustrating to go to each new order and edit the invoice number . Is there any solution so i can manualy edit what my next order invoice number should be ?

    Thank you in adavance.

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    Hi @clickys,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Please follow the below steps to delete the generated invoice numbers and start a new series.

    1. Go to Woocommerce > Order page > Screen options (On the top right of the screen) > Increase the number of items per page: (Enter the total number of orders. ie, if the store consists of 100 orders enter 100) > Apply.
    2. Sort the orders in the Woocommerce order page in the reverse order such that the oldest order will be the first in the list.
    3. Go to the Invoice/Packing > Invoice > General > Generate Invoice for order statuses: (Remove all the mentioned order status here. Make it as blank) > Update settings.
    4. Go to the Invoice/Packing > Invoice > Invoice Number >
      Click Reset Invoice Number and set up your required start number. (MANDATORY STEP even if not changing the current value). You can configure prefix, suffix, etc as per requirement.
    5. Copy the code given below at the end of codes in the active theme’s functions.php to remove all the invoice numbers generated.
    6. delete_post_meta_by_key( 'wf_invoice_number' );

    7. Please refresh the Woocommerce order page(or any page on the site) and ensure that all the generated invoice numbers are removed.
    8. Remove the code placed in the active theme’s functions.php.(VERY IMPORTANT)
    9. Once again ensure if the invoice number is blank on the Woocommerce order page.
    10. Go to the Invoice/Packing > Invoice > General > Generate Invoice for order statuses: (Choose the order statuses for which the invoice number is to be generated) > Update settings.

    The new invoice number will be generated for all past orders. Now you can reset the order page listing count and revert the sort order as to how it was before.

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    Thank you for ur kind help.

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    Hi @clickys,

    Thanks for sharing the information. If you like the plugin and support, please leave us a review. It would really help us spread the word.

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