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  • I believe there are 2 plugins but they both cost money. And I think the gravity forms one, which is more expensive, requires you to first buy the “base” gravity form plugin.

    The other add on is called “product add ons” and costs like 30$ but the info on the product page doesn’t say much as to what it does.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I think it’s a shame to pay to have custom input fields …

    I agree, but I’ve been looking for the same help you are. and I just don’t see it. I am considering OpenCart or trying another alternative.

    The thing is… down the line, I am not sure how many “premium” plug ins I will need to buy to support my “free” woocommerce web site.

    Yes, unfortunaely it’s the business of the free.

    But i’m editing the woocommerce plugin to achieve that.
    Currently, i can create a text field in admin.
    Today, i’m goging to display it on page and save it for checkout.

    The problem is for the plugin update. I’ll have to do with a file merge.

    Did you make any progress? Care to share?
    Thank you.

    Plugin Author James Koster



    As mentioned, this can be achieved with our Product Add Ons extension:

    Or you can build the functionality yourself 🙂



    is there a more thorough write up on that plugin? it “sounds” like something I want but there is no demo, and the write up is so seemingly incomplete that I can’t pull the trigger.

    Thank you.

    The Plug in James mentioned is awesome.. We use it and love it, it does alot more then we ever expected.

    We do personalized items and this is the plug in we use.

    Never had one single issue with it

    Google KoozieHQ and find our site and play around we use that plug in on our printed items section

    @acesj Thank you. That seems pretty in depth. It’s not exactly like i want to do, but makes me hopeful.

    Also, on your web page it says “your almost done”

    The Almost Done is to let users know to GIVE me all details they think is relevant.. That is wording you will be able to change with in the plug in options per product..

    Hopefully you understand how it works now and can think about how it will benefit your site,, I know it has ours,,

    Thank you


    Oh, I meant that it should be “you’re” in place of “your”

    I personally feel the Product Add Ons extension really falls short. It is probably perfect for Personalized products, but the way that it handles field grouping and its lack of validation and logic really introduces a lot of limitations. If it had an interface more like Advanced Custom Fields, it would be hands down the best option. However, I still think it has a long way to go.

    I Think this one will help.As it is free
    WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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