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    I have tried using this plugin on two sites a dev and a live site (dev = directory structure is aaaa and live = directory structure with
    I wanted to use some extra icons for my markers.
    The first one installed perfectly and any new icons immediately appeared in the list of icons.
    The second (live) site gave no errors but the directory wasnt created and the icons were missing. I copied the directory from the other site and all the icons appeared except any new ones I’d added. No matter what I try I cant get it to ‘see’ the new icons.
    If I change the name of say the ‘gift’ gift.png to something else it fails to find that icon.

    How can I get it to reset itself to pick up new icons. Have tried reinstalling but that doesnt help.

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  • Have also tried removing directory from dev version and putting back and icons reappear. cant find any differences on the databases or the directories, but presumably there is something stored somewhere that say ‘dont bother looking in the directory as its not there’.

    using latest version of plugin and WordPress 3.4.2.

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    strange. icons are not save to database – my plugin reads the content of the icon directory (finding the upload path + /leaflet-maps-marker-icons) perhaps something changed here with WP3.5 as similar errors were reported. I will have a look if I find something. If you have an idea, let me know!

    I wondered if there was a setting on the database but as there isn’t it just doesn’t make sense.
    When I copy the standard icons in it picks them up but if any of them have the wrong name or are custom ones not in the original zip it cant see them at all.

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    Hi again,
    just released v3.4.2 which includes checks for marker icons settings (can be broken when wordpress was moved).
    Please try if this helps correct your settings.

    Sadly it doesnt help at all.

    When I change the name of a file
    eg gifts.png to aagifts.png
    aagifts.png is not picked up and in the position where gifts.png should be displayed it puts the text gift.png

    The difference between the site that works and the one that doesnt is the directory naming. Could this affect it.

    working one is

    the one that doesnt work is

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    where did you set those directories?

    I haven’t set the value anywhere in the plugin or wordpress.
    Thats how they are set through cpanel.

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    have you tried both paths to marker icons directory in the plugins settings?

    Ah right I didn’t know there was a setting for the directory.
    This is clearly whats causing the problem. However, the default value for the Icons directory of abcdetest doesnt work as it doesnt exist if I change the value to the correct name I get this error

    Leaflet Maps Marker Warning: the setting for your the marker icon directory ( seems to be invalid. This can happen when you moved your WordPress installation from one server to another one.

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    mhhh – dont know what could be the problem – would need temp admin access to take a look…

    ok there must be some validation on the parameter for the Icons directory that prevents the use of the /public_html directory
    for the Icons directory

    If I create a new directory in the directory structure that conforms to its default, copy in my icons then it all works



    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    great to hear that it is working for you that way!

    its ok for a workaround. But would be neater if it were in the proper live directory.

    Thanks for your patience.

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