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  • I was just wondering if anyone has a collection of some custom .css files for Hemingway? I’m trying to mess with it enough to use it for a website, but not really having much luck. Does anyone have some fancy examples to share?

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  • I think some guy made a hemmingway bright. a google search would probably find it. I don’t know about a hemmingway styles gallery or anything

    Hemingway Bright is located here. And that’s the version I’m using..


    As I posted a couple days ago (new site design) my site is also rooted in Hemmingway Bright, although it’s hard to see that anymore.

    I’m actualyl writing for a couple of reasons:

    1) Nudger, what parts of CSS are you specifically having issues with? I’ve modified the CSS in terms of colors, fonts, font colors, etc without an issue. Rather than asking for a CSS file that would be specific to someone else’s site, you might just point out what element you want to modify and we can go from there.

    2) Cypher, what asides plugin are you using?


    It isn’t any asides plugin per-say, but code that comes with the Squible theme. Basically I have two loops, one that shows all the posts in anything BUT the asides category in the top section, and one loop just for the asides category.


    Such a great idea. Thanks!!!
    (is that all “asides” are? A category that displays in a aeparate loop? I’ve been wondering for months!!!)

    It can be called whatever you want. There are a few plugins doing that or you can use a separate Loop as Cypher said.
    Basically they are small “notes” about links/site – that won’t make a full post. That’s my idea of asides.
    On this blog of mine I call them “shortblog” and/or “miniposts”.

    Hi. I’m having a CSS issue with Hemingway. (I’m using the latest version where you can choose between the original dark version, and a white one.) Ok… my problem: I can’t get rid of those goofy gray bands on the sides of the content area! I’ve tried everything I can think of (and have already consulted the Hemingway forum) but I still can’t figure it out. Here’s my website:

    Any suggestions? I’d really appreciate all help offered.

    Me again. BTW, I *have* altered the CSS so the theme will post the entries vertically. (I followed someone else’s directions in the Hemingway forum for that.)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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