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  1. cityCat007
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hello, :)

    I'm trying to use the custom header image functionality (<?php header_image(); ?>)on my custom theme with a wp network with folders and using domain mapping.

    the problem is ... at the network-site domain the path/url of the header looks like this:


    when I understand it should be:


    as for example looks (work correctly) the path/url of a image I insert in any post.


    on the side... and not related at all with the main question:
    I tried a "system" of my own to load all the logos, and the idea was to use a php inside the files folder to load the logo from another -not_to_show- location where all the logos would be. and the plan was good but when I call the php network-site.com/files/logo.php it dosnt run... but instead show me the code like if was html.
    is not possible to run phps in there?
    any idea about this?

    thank you!!

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