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    Hello WordPress and OceanWP community,

    I’ve run into a bit of a snag and I’m not sure how to fix the problem. I’ve been designing my custom header and footers in the ‘Theme Panel’ on the left of the dashboard. The design has made me quite happy and for a while, each webpage was load pretty smoothly.

    Now however, I must have made a change that has affected the header and footer. Lately, when I load any of the pages through my browser (either directly typing in the domain, or refreshing the page) my custom header and footer load very sporadically, revealing colors that are not part of my overall design and resizing multiple times.

    If anyone is able to help with this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • @7gorgonzolas We are experiencing the same issue with our headers and footers that you are. I have pointed out the select boxes in woocommerce are doing the exact same thing as the custom headers. Odd don’t you think?

    Have a look. Look at the behavior of our header and compare it to the behavior of the select boxes on the same page. Both loading the wrong script first and then snapping to the right one.

    I am wondering why this theme is having the same issue with element and woocommerce.

    @suncoastorganics forgive me, for I did not look in-depth to the status of your issue. It is indeed strange that you are having the same issue in Woocommerce as that of your normal Elementor header and footers.

    I’m wondering how long this issue may take to resolve, as it does certainly make the sites look unprofessional.

    @7gorgonzolas No problem. I had a look at your site. You are having the same issue with the select boxes. Refresh the page and watch how they load. They are doing the same thing as the header. It is just much more noticeable on our site because we use a gray background.

    I have looked at other themes and have not been able to find any of them that do this. The select boxes all load properly.

    It is looks really sloppy.

    Just out of curiosity I looked at your site and I don’t see an issue at all. Sorry I am not following.

    @oceanwp I am sorry to see this theme is having issues. But I do not understand your response.

    “For the select box of the shop page, it is not related to this issue and unfortunately cannot be solved except if you disable the script for the select boxes via Theme Panel > Scripts & Styles.”

    Why would you say it cannot be solved? I have looked at other themes and none of them are loading the wrong code when the page is first loaded. You can clearly see it with the gray background on our site but I have looked at several other OceanWP sites and they are all doing that.

    This is exactly what is occurring with the headers and footers.

    You can see it right on you own demo. Just refresh the page and look at how the select box loads.

    Why is it loading the wrong script first and then snapping to the right one?

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    Hello everyone, I have just checked on a new site, I cannot replicate the issue, you can check this demo which uses the latest version of OceanWP and Elementor, the custom header works normally:

    What are your PHP versions? The free support on this forum is very limited, if there someone here who is a premium user, can you create a support ticket please so I could see the issue live and be able to try to find what causes this.

    Hi @suncoastorganics, yes it is the Custom Select script to disable the script on the select boxes, after disabling it, have you cleared your site and browser cache? Because the select boxes should work norñally.

    Thank you.

    @oceanwp Yes I cleared the catch. But that is a good thing to remind someone to do.

    It did not work. The box is still loading the wrong script first and then the right one.

    I will create a support ticket.

    We are running 7.1. What PHP would you like us to be running. Why has it taken you 9 days to even start addressing this?

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    @suncoastorganics, I was trying to see this with the Elementor team as I cannot replicate the issue.

    I strongly recommend being on a PHP version above PHP 7.0.x or PHP 7.0 at the very least and not PHP 5.6.
    If you already are on PHP 7, then I absolutely need to be able to see the issue in live to try to understand why there is this issue and how to solve it.

    Thank you for your patience.

    @oceanwp OK I have submitted a ticket.

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    Thank you very much 🙂

    @7gorgonzolas Are you willing to give @oceanwp your login details and FTP access to your server? I am very busy and have several sites on my server. I would need to back all of that up. Also If you have the time I was wondering if you “disable the script on the select boxes” do they still load sloppily on your site?

    If you look at this link that @oceanwp listed previously you can see the select boxes loading sloppy and the navigation on the left of the page. Just refresh the page. Looks glitched.

    @dval09 I had a look at your site and noticed your header is not loading sloppy and your select boxes are not either. Did you find a fix, load a previous version or go with a different theme?

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    Hello everyone, I’m glad to tell you that I have finally found the issue and fixed it in the latest update so update OceanWP on your sites and tell me if everything is good on your side?
    Thank you for your patience.




    Unfortunately, it has not been fixed. The banner is still jerking when the page is refreshed or someone navigates to a new page. It is just not flashing white anymore.

    @7gorgonzolas If you have the time we would appreciate you helping with this. We have been working with OceanWp to get this fixed and could use some more help.

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    Hello, I can show you a little video, but on my side, the header and select box issue is solved on your site, no weird css issues like before.

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