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  • Hi,

    Firstly thanks for a great plugin! It looks great!

    I have the plugin running on a number of pages displaying images with various proportions.

    I’ve been playing around with the “var z = Math.sqrt(10000 + x * x) + 100;” line of script to get the best size but I’m struggling to find a compromise to get all the images displaying at the right proportion (there are some images that are very thin and tall and others which are much wider so the same formula doesn’t work for all images).

    I’m wondering whether I can override the formula on specific page templates much like a css override would work??

    e.g. on page 1 run the formula is: “var z = Math.sqrt(10000 + x * x) + 100;” and on page 2 it is var z = Math.sqrt(10000 + x * x) + 110;” etc…

    Is this possible?

    Thanks a lot in advance,


    PS on another matter.. is there going to be any support for touch screens on mobiles in the future? i.e. the user would be able to swipe the screen and the carousel would move?

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  • Plugin Author swdd


    It is not possible to have different formulas as the script currently stands.You would need to add an option to the script to select the different formulas.

    Touch screen support was added in version 1.7.0. If it isn’t working properly please let me know the details.

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