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  • Is there a way to format data that has been collected into a nice report? I know there are CSS tags, but I am not sure I can format them exactly how I would like to. We have a form that takes some biographical data along with a user image, profile picture. Above the profile picture we’d like to have the name and a couple of other vitals. Then, under that, the photo, and to the right of the photo, some more data. And finally, below the photo, would be a few other fields, likely a long text description type field.

    Ideally I would be able to do this within the wordpress admin, the page editor. However, if necessary, I can create a new page containing PHP, but I am not sure where to place it or how to grab the necessary data from the database. I realize this last part is more of a general wordpress question. I am an experienced programmer and if I just knew where to put the code and a predictable/documented method to get the data, that would probably be enough.

    I saw this question asked elsewhere and I have tried to add to that conversation, but that thread is ‘resolved’ so I thought it might be best to open a new thread.

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  • The data do not seem to have unique IDs/Classes on them for which I can use to do any kind of CSS manipulation. For instance :

    <dt class=”name” >First</dt><dd>First Name</dd>
    <dt class=”name” >Last</dt><dd>Last Name</dd>

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