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  • My WP:

    WordPress 3.9
    Hueman 1.4.0 (installed via WP)
    1 plugin: WP-PageNavi (installed via WP)
    1 CSS modification (within theme, no child theme): #header .pad { padding-top: 2px; padding-bottom: 2px; }

    I can’t currently link you to my WP as it is still password protected.


    I am constantly running into trouble with the custom Titillium font no matter if I have WP load it via Google or my own server.


    Sometimes special characters (umlauts) will only load after a few site refreshs. Today, it took forever for the fonts to load. The sequence in which things happened went like this:

    – Site opens, all the images and site structure loads; no fonts are displayed at all (can be highlighted though)

    – Fonts are now visible in Arial (after a minute)

    – a few seconds later, the font would switch to Titillium (at this point, the font was loaded from my own server, not Google)


    While I had this issue from my Windows computer (work) (tried Firefox, IE 10, Chrome), I didn’t seem to have any trouble at all with the Hueman demo site, so it’s nothing with my Windows machine. My Linux machine (home) (Firefox, Chromium) never gave me any sort of trouble with my own WP.
    The internet connection at work wasn’t at fault either as I downloaded a bunch of files from my server via HTTP and that worked at a few MByte/s.

    I understand this doesn’t make any sense which is all the more reason to be massively worried. This project is important to me and I most of all need it to be reliable; I can’t have any weird stuff happen to it all the time for the sake of a fancy font (whenever people have trouble with anything, the first suggestion is always to set it to Arial so I am assuming it isn’t exactly too reliable as of now).

    Should I possibly ditch the custom font thing altogether and just be happy with Arial? I can live with that but would need to know the best practice to change font sizes and weights of the entire theme. Arial at 18px is huge and is being displayed as a bold font in all Windows browsers.

    Using the Firefox web dev tools, the only thing I could figure out was that “.base entry” changes the font size in blog posts but I changed A LOT of font-weight settings and it never did anything.

    What do you guys suggest?

    Your help is much appreciated.

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  • Thanks for a detailed description.

    (whenever people have trouble with anything, the first suggestion is always to set it to Arial so I am assuming it isn’t exactly too reliable as of now).

    This was mostly suggested for those having a blank-page issue in IE8, however this issue was fixed in the latest version – so it shouldn’t be needed for stability there anymore.

    The custom fonts uses Google fonts, which is used by a ton of sites and shouldn’t be unstable at all. Can you try switching to Roboto Condensed as font instead, in styling options? Any difference?

    Once you’ve done that, you can also try to completely remove the @font-face loading of Titilium as it won’t be used.

    That would be line 80-129 in style.css.

    After so many years using WordPress, I just decided to be member of support to give my comment about this issue. Even “same thing happens to me”, wished to list again since I really observed what happens:

    1- page loads with Arial no matter I do
    2- changes into Tittillium (titilium, roboto condensed, i tried all of them one bu one)
    3- while keeps loading fonts changes to Arial
    4- than Titilium
    5- than Arial
    6- loading finishes with last change into Titilium
    Lets count this as 3 times change (will be useful for my next observing)

    This just looks weird. No matter I did from child theme or main theme, I cannot stop this change. Exactly 6 change, tested with all google fonts.

    + Only Arial and Georgia do not make this loop, rest of all fonts does it.
    + I deleted @font-face of Titilium, still same loop.
    + Ubuntu sans – loops shortens: only 2 time change.
    + Roboto – loops shortens: only 2 time change.
    + PT Serif – loops shortens: only 2 time change.

    This loop happens in Firefox (35.0.1)
    Do not happens in Chrome (40.0)

    Additionally: IE8 loads main menu as like there is no css, but keeps rest of site work ok. Sorry that I dont upgrade to IE11 since windows update required and I hate that.

    Last Note: within this experiments, theme started to not see “self-hosted” titillium fonts, even I’m 100% sure they are in true location and style.css is ok, I cant see from firebug that fonts are loaded, it shows “Titillium” as Arial font. Mind confused a lot. Wish we can handle this problem.

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