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    Ok, I have no idea how easy this would be to do. In fact it may already have been done. Looking through codex, plugins and the forum, I haven’t found any mention of this. Anyone has ideas?

    Here’s what I want to achieve: I want to provide a “simplified” posting screen for my contributors. Some of the options would be available, such as the “Categories”, and the photo upload. But the rest would pretty much be limited.

    I want to provide them with a form where they can type pre-defined data. The fields from that form would then be used to create a post and mix the data from the form into html.

    For example, the form would have fields such as :
    Location, name, date, and title.

    When the contributor fills the form and clicks “submit”, the data would be inserted in a <dl> into a post.

    This is to ensure uniformity of posts (not really a “blog” per se.

    Is there anything available? if not, how complicated would it be to write such a plugin? I can see hurdles, but not being such a php jockey, I’m not sure how to go about it. I guess what I’m looking for is a way to insert formatted data into a post.

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    I dont know what all they are capable of but there is atleast one custom fields mod.

    Heres some general info:

    Im assuming you want this for or no?

    It might be cleaner, in any case, if you want to make it the easiest for people that dont neccessarily know what they are sposed to do, if you actually coded a new post.php with the form values already present. Of course, thats work too, might want to just do the custom fields thing too.

    Cherie, yes, that’s what it’s for. Coding a new post.php would then mean I couldn’t post blog entries, would it not?

    Being really unfamilliar with the code, I have a problem envisaging how I would do this.

    I’ve read about changing the “stuff that appears in the edit box”, but that is just so open to people deleting this or that. Hmmm.




    Coding a new post.php would then mean I couldn’t post blog entries, would it not?

    no not neccessarily, you just wouldnt fill in those fields.

    i would mess around with the custom fields stuff and see where that gets you.

    Im not sure what you mean by people deleting this or that?

    Well, I got it done, thanks for the ideas Cherie.

    I’ve used rc:custom_field_gui plugin, which allowed me to define custom fields that allow the user to clearly enter what they have in terms of info.

    I’ve called each meta element into a <dl> that only shows if there is a meta with a key of “license”.

    Which led me to the problem that WP doesn’t search meta. I already had a plugin to search Pages, but not metas. Found another plugin (Jerome’s Search) that does that. There were a couple other plugins that claimed to do it, but didn’t work.

    Soooo, happy with this particular issue.


    I’ve made a new version of the custom field GUI if you’re interested – it has some additional features – I’m gonna document it, but will get it up soon.

    I am very interested in your version. Can you please send it to me, or point me in the direction of a download? Thanks in advance.

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