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  • hi,

    Strange thing, is that the image is not found in postmeta! This should not happen if the image is uploaded using wordpress media upload.

    1. You upload images from “new post” using wordpress media upload?
    2. After upload create a gallery that is attached to the post?
    3. You use Media Upload -> Add New page to upload that images ?

    I’ll simulate these scenarios, and I hope to identify problem …


    1’st of all:

    – make sure that you update to the latest version of the plugin
    – Upgrade Notice – IMPORTANT: After each update is required to enter in **Settings -> WP-PICShield (ByREV)** Config and confirm the new configuration options. Otherwise absolutely nothing changes !!!

    I tested the plugin with image upload from Media Upload -> Add New (Unattached) to post … and is working! Redirect go to


    Your example image url go to:***

    et_temp Is not “standard” upload subfolder and file ended with


    instead of


    I think that’s why is your problem , plugin not looking in post meta fields, for imageas that is not uploaded using wordpress standard upload.


    If use the image in several posts that there is an ambiguity in the return of the correct post.

    Of course there is a possibility of building dynamic pages based on search results, with multiple pots, but this is beyond what can make this plugin (yet).

    If you use “Set featured image” url must be found, because you can not choose images from ouside gallery (custom url) only from ‘media library”.

    Using custom field (Name: Thumbnail) is not a standard 🙂 … but plugin can adapt to your needs.

    I will add this “feature” in version 1.9 …

    v1.8 will appear in minutes …

    Thank you, i hope you will find a solution 🙂 but how i can at least redirect these specific (custom fields images) from image-not-found error page to the home page maybe?

    hi. Update to 1.8.1b version and chose:

    under [Optional Settings] section:

    • Image Not Found page: => /
    • Image Not Found code: => 307 Temporary Redirect

    Click: [Update Option]

    Done !

    not-found images is redirected to your home page with “Temporary Redirect” response code.

    if you know WordPress and PHP, you can do a template page to display “not-found” images. Url for images is always sent in response to the parameter page

    example with home-page response and source images in url as $_GET request:

    Hello, thank you very much for your plugin, you can redirect size images? I say that for example I have a site of wallpapers in different sizes and smaller sizes again but redirect the single-size image opens in google but not redirect only the first time.

    excuse my language use the translator

    Redirection work 100% only if images is uploaded via wordpress Media Library Upload page.

    For photos direct-linked in post, uploaded via ftp, only the last post/page is returned.

    To further clarify and for more help write mail to: byrev @ yahoo . com

    if the images if redirected, but for example I have a site that serves images in other sizes 1920×1080, 1024×768, 1280×800 … small but always redirect redirects the original just once.

    greetings and thank you very much

    did you update to the latest version of wordpress?

    Plugin is guaranteed to work with any size, if images is uploaded via wordpress Media Library page, otherwise may not be 100% functional.

    Get me yor url/site here or in email: byrev @ yahoo . com to verify the site behavior.

    I have no problems friend, thank you very much your plugin is great, many lucky in life


    How did you solve the problem with the “other sizes” images?

    Initially you said you do not work … Have you changed something in plugin, or htacces … or in your blog ?

    … But what does it matter, important is that works !

    no, the problem is that the image to open once again see again, sorry this translator does not say what I mean, greetings and thank you very much

    1.8.7 When you take?

    well sorry, I just saw the error_log and I get this

    [25-Feb-2013 23:32:24 America / New_York] PHP Warning: imagecreatetruecolor () [ function.imagecreatetruecolor </ a>]: Invalid image dimensions in / byrev-wp-picshield.php on line 190

    and line 204 to the

    1.8.7 … probably next minutes… is not fully tested !!!

    Resolve problems with redirection from bing, or other hotlinkers … not perfect with Opera !!!

    (working ok with FF and CHROME)

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