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  • hi! My custom fields drop down menu was a lot of choices but i only use 1 of them.

    The other custom fields are created by widgets (count votes) and i can’t delete them from the phpmyadmin as they are immediately revreated.

    I would like to hide them from the editor so as to to have so big drop down list.

    Or there is a way to make as default choice my 1 custom field that i use every day? Or to put it in another box alone?

    Please help!!!

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  • You can use the Custom Field Template plugin to define and display selected Custom Fields.

    I don’t know if you need to delete existing CFs or not.

    wow, this is really complicated and no instructions in English, just in Japanese!

    Right now i have 4 options in Custom Fields menu section and i need only 1. The other 3 custom fields are created by widgets as Platinum SEO or Top 10. I don’t want to see them.

    Is there a way to make them disapear from the editor? Or move to a single box the only custom field i use everyday?

    There are some (few) instructions in English here.

    The Custom Fields that you create using the plugin will be in a separate box. You say you only need one field, so you would only need one definition in the Template Content: area.

    Here is a definition from the defaults that are initially set in the Template #0 Template Content:

    type = text
    size = 35
    label = Where are you going to go?

    • [Plan] => the name of the Custom Field. This is the name you use to retrieve the meta_value $plan = get_post_meta($post-ID,'Plan',true);
    • type => the type of field. This will be a text entry field.
    • size => the width of the text entry field.
    • label => tell the user what to enter in the field.
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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