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  • Hi,
    with the last wordpress update (to version 5.2.3) we found the following problem:
    in the user sheet the extra user fields have disappeared.

    What can we do to fix it?

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Unable to help with so little info as this sounds specific to your site and setup. Please provide more info:

    Is it possible the data is being shown (view the html) but is hidden (eg via new css)?

    what plugin was generating the extra user fields and where were they stored? in the wp usermeta?

    Is the data still in the database?
    Is it happening for only new or updated users? or for all users?

    What sort of fields are these extra fields? Was there any formatting applied to the fields? which? (in case data still there but formatting not showing)

    I believe I may be having the same problem. I’m no longer seeing any values from a couple of fields from restrict content pro. When I do a direct query to the DB i see the data. I get “no lines” when I have an exclude on a value from RCP. When I remove the exclusion I get all the data with no values in RCP fields.

    LEFT JOIN bks_usermeta subscription ON (ID = subscription.user_id AND subscription.meta_key = ‘rcp_subscription_level’)
    LEFT JOIN bks_restrict_content_pro rcp ON ( = subscription.meta_value)

    Plugin Author anmari


    This is almost impossible to help remotely, and the original person has also not replied back to indicate whether they resolved it or figured it out.

    PLease look at the underlying html to see if the data is there in the html but just not visible. OR provide a link to a public page where you have this.

    It’s also possible you have some db corruption. If I were debugging this on my setup, I’d try recreate on my test system. If it is not replicated on test system, then it is something unique to the install where you are seeing it.

    How many users & meta records do you have?
    IF this is only happening with your RCP fields – then what is different about them? The plugin just treats all fields the same so that would indicate maybe there is something special about the data, if it doesn’t happen with other fields. What are the exclude values? What are the values you expect to see?

    Has RCP changed something? etc

    The problem goes away after we downgraded our RCP to 3.1.2 from 3.2.3 I take it back I was looking at the wrong page. I’ll try to get more specific info…

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