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    I wish to divide my blog in to various sections (basically like categories, but more flexible) like so:

    Each section (blog, software, other stuff) would contain the posts to my (one) wordpress install that have a custom field of “section” and value of “blog”/”software”/”other_stuff” in it.

    My question is how I would go about doing this. If possible, I want to avoid using the categories feature (I would use that for sub-sections).

    Any help is greatly appreciated!



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  • I don’t know, but you could try a multiblog technique, if you don’t mind having 3 separate WordPresses, but all using 1 install of WP. You would have 3 logins (you could make them all same login/password). So it would be the same Write Post page 3 times, instead of 1 with the custom field indicator. Advantages include: having a different theme, or the exact same theme, for all 3; using different plugins on the 3; and only having to upgrade 1 WP to update all 3.

    Another option that you probably thought of, using Categories (parent cats) for the 3 sections, and sub-categories (child cats) to effectively give categories under each section. You just don’t get sub-sub-categories. You can make Category templates to make each look different. And the URL’s would look as you asked.

    Thanks Dgold,

    You say ” and only having to upgrade 1 WP to update all 3.” What do you mean by that?

    One of the main reasons I’m shying away from using parent categories is that the permalink structure will put the category with the lowest id number in the link. Which means that if i wanted to add new categories in the future, i’d either have to 1) fiddle manually with the id numbers of 2) create a bunch of “placeholder” blank categories and then rename them as i need them.


    If you want to check out that multiblog method, here’s the one I used, works for me — this blog explains what I meant by that,

    echo “Hello Again, World!”;

    I’ve been trying out this “multiblog” technique. It seems to be the thing that I’m looking for, but my alias folders aren’t loading anything other than a list of the directory:

    (working) blog:
    (non-working) blog:

    I’ve gone over the install steps about 10 times and can’t figure out what the problem is.



    I dunno, worked for me on the first try basically. How did you make the aliases? I used the symlinks technique found in the Comments, where I made the PHP file and ran it by going to it with my browser, getting a blank page to know it worked.

    Also, post your question on the Comments over there, the maker of this multiblog method responded to my questions there.

    Ah ha! I found I was symlinking to the wrong directory. I was linking to /blog/wp-content/multiblog instead of to just /blog.

    It’s working great now!

    Thanks a ton!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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