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    Hey thanks for the question. The premium Tab Manager plugin allows you to create new tabs with static/html content, supports shortcodes, and also has a variety of filters/actions so that dynamic content or integrations could be performed if you have some programming ability. It also allows you to re-order/re-arrange tabs added by other 3rd party plugins, such as the WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form.

    So, the Tab Manager won’t necessarily allow you to put content from some other plugin into a tab, unless that other plugin provides a shortcode which you can use or you have the programming ability to use our plugin’s filters and pull the content out of the other plugin.

    I hope this makes sense and helps

    — Justin

    Thank you Justin for this quick answer.
    Unfortunately I have no programming ability.
    I was hoping I could insert directly in the Tab Manager custom fields – especially repeated fields – generated by a dedicated plugin, without having to touch any code 🙁

    You might as well put this feature in the roadmap 😉
    Let me know in case you do so.


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    Yeah, there’s probably really no way of making this happen for any arbitrary 3rd party plugin I’m afraid. The best option would be that the 3rd party plugin provides their content via a shortcode, which you could then put in the tab content area. No programming knowledge required 🙂

    The alternative would be either for the Tab Manager to support plugins individually (which would be just too much upkeep/maintenance) or for other plugins to support the Tab Manager (which is unlikely, and I can’t make another plugin author add support).

    You can always ask another plugin author to add shortcodes, and they may be willing to do that

    Hey, I’ve just found a custom fields plugin, which apparently generates shortcodes:

    Do you think I could try with the Tab manager lite?

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    Yeah certainly, it also supports shortcodes. Well most shortcodes anyhow, I’ve found a few from time to time that *only* work within the main post description area, which I just don’t understand

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work.
    I’ll have to put my hands in the code then.

    Thank you anyway for your answers.

    Sorry about, actually it works but the custom field CAN’T be blank (if so the entire page is blank…). So it works more or less. I have to find out how to avoid this problem though.

    I purchased csv import suite because I import everything from my warehouse inventory program. I also purchased the tab manage because I need a custom tab to show videos. Is it possible to import content for a custom tab ? My inventory program is set up to export the video link in the csv file but I dont see any way of getting it to display on the website and in its own tab.



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    Hey David, you’ll want to create a support ticket at — they’ll be able to help you out 🙂

    Hey @davidjs, did you ever figure out a solution? I’m trying to figure out how to bulk import content into a custom tab as well. Get back to me if you found a solution please!

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