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  • I’ve had this problem before, and I’m not sure how to fix it. When I’m editing a post/page that has custom fields, the existing custom fields aren’t displaying.

    Also, I can add a custom field and the jQuery action doesn’t happen – the flash of the custom field add box and the new custom field displaying in the Custom Fields box.

    I’ve cleared cookies/cache in IE and FireFox and it’s still happening. Help!

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  • Update – I’ve tried on a couple different systems and am experiencing the problem on those computers as well.

    Is this theme related?

    One more update.

    I did view the source of the page editor, and it looks like all the rows that display custom field data are tagged as: “hidden” or “alternate hidden” – which might explain why I can’t see any custom fields.

    I figured it out! Well, I think I did anyway…

    I did some testing, and custom fields like “my_custom_field”, “my-custom-field” work. HOWEVER, any custom field starting with “_” won’t show up.

    So – this is a WordPress problem. Avoid all custom fields starting with an underscore!

    I also have this issue, however my names already start with letter not underscore _.

    Sometimes (not always) when my clients edit a post custom fields are not displayed. So they insert them again and we end up with double custom fields.

    I can’t find a reason why they would not show up.
    We’re dealing with quite large posts, and network connection might be an issue from time to time…
    Also they are retrieved in random order not by their ID. But that doesn’t bother us that much.

    Any suggestion would help!

    Ups sorry, my WordPress version is 2.7.1

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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