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    Gravity Forms: 1.9.15
    Gravity Forms Constant Contact Add-On: 2.2.2

    I have a client that already has several defined custom fields (with labels like “Year”, “Model”, and others). I need my gravity forms to submit standard CC fields (name, email, etc) AND these fields, however when I try to create my feed, my only options for custom fields are:

    Custom Field 1
    Custom Field 2
    Custom Field 3
    Custom Field 4

    Custom Field 14
    Custom Field 15

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to connect this plugin to my real, actual custom fields that I my client is using. Logically, this should be fetching actual, usable custom fields instead of trying to generate completely random ones, right? Is this a limitation of the plugin? SHOULD this work the way I am expecting, or is this working as intended.


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  • Hello!

    In this case, I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but I can explain that these custom fields are randomly generated as custom fields for Constant Contact, not for Gravity Forms. Next to each custom field, you should see a dropdown that lists Form Fields. You select that and that field and it’s value gets sent to Constant Contact. So the 15 Custom Fields, overall, are not for Gravity Forms, but to send values to Constant Contact when the form is submitted.

    Does that kind of make sense? If not, would be happy to elaborate a bit more. Like I said, I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to do here with the custom fields so more clarification would be nice if I didn’t answer your question.


    Not sure what happened to my comment but I’m experiencing the same thing where it’s not pulling the actual field names I enter. Any update on this would be greatly appreciated

    Hello jtintner! Could you possibly send a gif/video of the issues here? I’m not quite sure I understand where the error occurs here.


    Hi Nikhil-

    Here is a video I put together


    Hello…. any update on this? It’s been almost a month since I provided a video with explination


    Very sorry for the delay, this is now being looked into. Thanks for reporting it!

    I see you say your looking into it, I assume that means that there is an issue with the way that this is working? Do I understand that correctly? Any update on what an ETA is on this?

    My comments keep getting “deleted” interesting

    I see this issue, there’s some cleanup that’ll be taking place soon that will hopefully fix this small bug. Thanks for reporting.

    Did this ever get resolved??
    I have the exact same problem some 11 months later.
    Need to populate custom fields that have names in Constant Contact, but they don’t appear in the plugin’s list.

    Plugin Contributor Zack Katz


    @danbyrne – The Constant Contact software that the plugin uses doesn’t share the labels that are set for Custom Fields in Constant Contact. This is not currently possible to fix, I’m afraid.

    The order in which they are displayed stays the same on the CTCT site and the plugin; it’s possible to figure out that way.

    Sorry it can’t be done easier!

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