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  • Hi,

    Am a little confused about custom fields.. So am just going to say what I am trying to do and if someone can tell me if it would be better to use custom fields then that would be amazing..

    I have the web page..

    The problem with this is that I would have to some how set up the correct foxy cart info to display each time the user clicked and loaded on a thumbnail. This would most likely be a nightmare.

    So I was thinking of doing the page with about 4 images giving different options

    The user would then click these images to go into the page. There would be different thumbnails for that dress. That would then lead into another page in which that dress would have it’s own page and a nice display with a much more simple foxycart setup for my mum who am helping set this up for.

    How can I use custom felids to do this? Is this the best way ?


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  • Sounds more like you should use a [gallery]. By clicking on the thumbs, you would jump to a new (attachement-) page with the zoomed image.

    Jumping from “thumbnail page” to “thumbnail page” isn’t a custom fields thingy. You’ll actually have to work and create sub-pages…

    Hmmm… if you were a pro-themer like me, you’ld probably use an e-commerce plugin with a shopping cart and post thumbs with product id’s to match the whole. But if you were my client I would say that wordpress is not exactly the best sollution for a commercial sales-platform and show you commercial cms sollutions that fit this job 1 on 1. But hey, I’m not selling anything here. I’m just feeling you… 😉

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