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  • When I limit the display of a Custom Field to a certain Term (which is translated using WMPL), it works for that language.

    However, when I switch to other language, as the conditional was set to the previous language, the Custom Field doesn’t recognize the conditional and doesn’t appear…

    Is this a problem of mine, or Conditionals do not work with WPML?

    WordPress: 3.5.1
    Theme: BuddyPress Default

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    OS: Mac OS X 10.8.2
    PHP: 5.3.15

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  • Hi Gr0uch0mars,

    Hope you are using latest version of Types and WPML.

    Can you please share your condition logic and sample code.

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    WordPress: 3.5.1
    Theme: BuddyPress Default

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    • Posts 2 Posts: (1.5.1)
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    The case: I want to store people and company names in a Custom Type, and to add a Conditional field depending if it is a people (then, “birth date”), or a company (no birth, but “begin date”). But when I edit the translation, the conditional field does NOT appear…

    Main steps to reproduce the issue:

    1. I have a English+Spanish website
    2. I created a Custom Type (“People”) and Custom Taxonomies (“People category”)
    3. Populated “People category” taxonomy with: “Person” or “Company”.
    4. I translated Type and Taxonomy with WPML String translation. Do appear correctly.
    5. I created a Custom date Field (“Birth date”): Post type = “People” + Terms = “Person”.
    6. I created a Custom date Field (“Begin date”): Post type = “Company” + Terms = “Company”.
    7. In English admin language, I populated some “People” (of each category). The conditional Custom Fields appear correctly.
    8. When I edit the translation (the Spanish one), the corresponding translated taxonomy (“People category”) appears checked correctly, but the Conditional Custom Field (“Birth date” or “Begin date”) does NOT appear.

    It’s like the condition refers to the English language. Although the UI displays the translation, as that post does not have an English taxonomy, the condition does not apply…

    I hope you can replicate this issue with these steps.

    Thank you, mbigul.

    Hi Gr0uch0mars,

    Please try the same with Types 1.2.1. If the issue exist please send me your DB to my mail for debugging it.

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    The issue still exists. I sent you a copy of my DB.

    Hi Miguel,

    I received your mail. We will track it as soon as possible and update you. Please wait.

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    Hi Miguel,

    I have found the issue. It requires some codes fixes. Please wait, I will update you soon.

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